Clinic Policies

1. We are a specialist clinic and require a referral. You can get a referral from your family doctor, obstetrician or Midwife. Please give yourself plenty of time to schedule healthy well-being checks to avoid delay and disappointment as we don’t always have immediate availability.

Due to the high volume of patients in this clinic, if a patient has not needed to be seen in over 2 years, their file will be closed to allow more space for new patients. A new referral will be needed but there is no guarantee it will be accepted.

2. Most appointments are scheduled for 15 min, therefore if you are more than 10 min late it is up to the discretion of the doctor to ask you to reschedule for another day or wait until they are completed with the rest of their scheduled patients of the morning/afternoon.

3. No showed appointments are defined at our clinic as appointments that are not attended and as well appointments that are cancelled within three hours of the scheduled time. A first time Consult appointment that is no-showed will result in the referral being returned to your doctor to be sent elsewhere. Two no showed appointments in a family that are established patients at our clinic will result in being sent back to your family doctor for a referral elsewhere.

4. Same day appointments are not always guaranteed. Our staff is diligent in ensuring the physician’s schedules are booked with enough time to examine and spend adequate time with each patient. We always try to accommodate emergencies ASAP and other semi-urgent issues within 1 week. If the pediatrician that follows your child is not in the clinic during the time your child needs to be seen, you will be offered an appointment with another pediatrician in our clinic.

5. We do not accept walk-in patients. Please always call the clinic to schedule an appointment as even though the clinic may be open, the physicians are not always available for seeing patients. Patients without a scheduled appointment will not be seen.

6. While our doctors work together and cover each other’s patients, we do not allow transfers from one pediatrician in our clinic to another.

7. If you already are seen and followed by a pediatrician outside of our clinic, we believe in continuity of care with the same doctor. If there is a specific issue you would like a second opinion on, you are welcome to have a referral sent. After this consult you will be sent back to your previous pediatrician.

8. Aggressive behaviour and communication toward our staff will not be tolerated and will result in being transferred out of our clinic’s care.

9. Please be cognizant of refills left on medications and allow our clinic 2 weeks-notice for any medication refills.